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  • Michael Hundertmark

Yungblud // Brighton Dome.

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

The 24 Year old is a Pop Punk is on a mission to get the youth audience racing after many months locked away. Judging by the egger audience, many die-hard fans, with black heart outfits included had been waiting in the que way before the doors to the show had even opened, stretching all away along North Road. They threw their arms in the air whilst Dominic Harrison, wearing a red boiler suit chanted "I’ve have had a year trapped in a room and my ADHD needs to have some gasoline put on it and set me on fire….”

The customary curtain drop spanning the length of the stage kicks off the night’s performance with a healthy dose of his songs taken from the new album ‘ weird ‘, with jumping and kicking along the length of the stage to the song ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ and you can tell from the first moment it will be a night to remember.

Youngblud might not be in the interest to the parents of any teenager with his songs about angst, empowerment and his punk – pop style outfit or even poring beer over his head, but his bold statements certainly have gained the younger audiences attention!

***** 5/5

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