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Architects tear up the Brighton Dome with a sold out homecoming show

Architecst Perfroming at Brighton Dome

**** 4/5

Architects rounded of their select six date tour with a homecoming show at Brighton Dome date and did not disappoint with their thrashing guitars and screeches and raising the roof the this grand building with a long time in coming home show.

The Brighton metal band had been building up a sizeable following before Searle’s death, with the incendiary ire and guitar riffs of their 2016 album, “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us”, making it their second to chart high, reaching No 15 in the UK. The album ‘Holy Hell’ followed on in 2018. Their rage is righteous, with the group all being vocal vegans who campaign for animal rights and on environmental issues and few bands are willing and able to document songs about the abyss with ease and perfection.

It is soon clear that Architects utilise every bit of the Brighton Dome’s stage with tier stellar performance with classics “Nihilist” and “Doomsday” demonstrate a peak in their talents.

The band put on a hell of a show with fan waiting a long time for them to play in a venue such as this!

The Bands audience interaction was high with the lead singer, Carter urging fans to look after one another and speaking about the recent drink spiking issues across the UK and a call out to stop this kind of behaviour! The band hit it high with their emotional, sonic ‘metalcore’ performance and there are sure to see bigger things coming in the future.

Architects // Brighton Dome set list:

· 1. Do you Dream of Armageddon

· 2. Black Lungs

· 3. Nihilist

· 4. Modern Misery

· 5. An Ordinary Extinction

· 6. A Match Made in Heaven

· 7. Gravedigger

· 8. Hereafter

· 9. Little Wonder

· 10. Impermanence

· 11. Dead Butterflies

· 12. Royal Beggars

· 13. Gone With the Wind

· 14. Doomsday


· 15.Meteor

· 16. Animals

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